Privacy Policy

usa-hosting.com is committed to protecting the personal and financial information of all of its users. To this end, we want to assure you that we adhere to all privacy laws of the United States and, as well, follow the general laws and recommendations of the international community. 

Because we also value your right to know exactly what types of information we collect, the purpose for those collections, and the uses of that information by usa-hosting.com, we have published this Privacy Policy. We urge all of our visitors/users to review it, and to contact us if they have any questions.

There are two types of information that we collect from visitors and users – anonymous and aggregate data, and personal information which visitors and/or users provide voluntarily.

Anonymous/Aggregate Information

As all websites do, we track visits and usage of our site. We tabulate the number of unique visits and track the traffic patterns, the pages that are viewed, the length of time spend on each page, and the points at which visitors leave our site. We also track the search terms that visitors have used to find us. We do this for the following reasons:

• We want to analyze and evaluate our site, its navigational effectiveness, the load times, and each of its pages, so that we can continue to improve our visitors’ experiences. 

• We want to demonstrate to our advertisers and sponsors that we have a good amount of traffic, from where that traffic originates, browsers used, and other data that shows value to them. Keeping current advertisers and obtaining new ones allows us to maintain our free service to our users. 

• We provide aggregate information to our sponsors and advertisers so that they may better design the content of the information they present on our site.

• To improve our SEO and thus traffic 

At no time do we collect any personal information of visitors to our site.

Cookies: We do use cookies, as is common practice with websites, placing them in your browser files. Cookies do not collect any personal information, but they allow us to track traffic. You may “disallow” cookies at any time and continue to access our site without any issues. If, at some point, you should decide to request information from us, to subscribe to our newsletter, or participate in conversations or polls, you will need to turn your cookie function back on.

Information that Visitors/User Voluntarily Provide

usa-hosting.com offers a wide variety of free information and services to visitors, on a subscription basis. Visitors who wish to receive this information voluntarily provide some personal information so that we are able to send requested information or provide access to it on our site. Typical types of information and services include the following:

• Newsletters: We provide a newsletter to our subscribers, and it is sent via email. In order to subscribe to it, then, a visitor/user must provide an email address. At any time, a subscriber may cancel the subscription via the simple procedures at the bottom of each newsletter. In this circumstance, the email access will be wiped from our system.

• Email a Friend Service: should visitors come across some useful information and wish to forward it to someone else, they can provide us with both their email address and that of the recipient. We will send the email and inform the recipient who it has come from. Neither of the email addresses are every shared with anyone else for any other purpose.

• Surveys and Polls: Occasionally, we conduct polls and surveys of our visitors and/or users, so that they may help us improve our site content and our services. We aggregate the results and share them on our site, but no individual or personal information is ever provided either in the results, to our advertisers, to other participants, or to any third party. Respondents will be tagged, so that they cannot respond more than once, in order to maintain the integrity of our polls; however, their personal information is not revealed.

How Personal Information is Used

We use personal information for the purposes stated above. Neither personal information nor our email list is every shared with any third party.

Legal Authority Compliance

1. Should any law enforcement or other governmental body produce a warrant for personal information that an individual has provided to us, we will disclose that information.

2. We do not solicit nor do we knowingly allow anyone under the age of 13 to provide personal information to us unless parent permission has been granted.

Third-Party Websites on Our Site

When a visitor/user of our site makes the decision to link to a third-party site from the usa-hosting.com site, our Privacy Policy no longer applies. It is the individual’s responsibility to determine the nature of the privacy policy, if one exists, on that third-party site. We are not responsible for any information or consequences as a result of a visitor/user accessing any third-party site from our site. We guarantee no information, privacy, or security of any third party site.

Privacy Options/Cancellation

Users who have opted into any of our services and provided personal information in order to do so may, at any time, choose to opt out of our services and request that their personal information be discarded. We are happy to comply.

Account holders may terminate their accounts voluntarily, or we may terminate an account. In such cases, personal information will be placed in an inactive database. It is held in case there are future disputes or legal actions.

Our Security

We understand that security is a large issue in this digital world. We have strong firewalls and security measures which we consistently test and upgrade. We have never experience a breach of our system and will continue to monitor and upgrade on a regular basis.

User Consent

By using our site for any reason, every visitor/user automatically agrees to all of the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. Again, should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.