About our company

We decided to do our "about company" page in the FAQ manner :)


Why the prices are so cheap?

We are East-European based hosting company and the expenses on doing business is much lower than in North America or Central\Western parts of Europe.


Does it mean that you offer only European hours support?

No, we offer full 24\7 support.


When the company was established?

In 2011.


How many people are working in your company?

Three. Owner\Support agent, support agent and system administrator.


Why I can't find reviews for your hosting?

People don't tend to write reviews when everything is good :)


I will better buy hosting from a big established companies like GoDaddy or iPage (EIG Brand).

Go ahead :) But bear in mind that you will be placed on a very crowded servers with low performance and limited functions and when you will need some help, you will be waiting hours to get a response...or even days...and this response is not necessary a solution :). Oh and be ready to pay up to $150/year after the first year/term(if not the first).


Do you offer any moneyback period?

Sure, we do offer 30 days moneyback period. Unless you were violating our ToS, e.g. spamming etc...


Where are your servers located?

Mostly in the USA, but we tend to add more locations over the time. Please check available locations during checkout.


Why you don't offer unlimited space like others do?

Our servers are running NVMe disks and they are still pretty expensive and it's not possible to provide "unlimited" on them. Also, we don't like to fool our customers with the "unlimited" stuff.


I want to ask more questions, where to write?

You can create a ticket via this link or drop an e-mail to support [@] this website name.


OK, I'm still not sure whether to buy from you or not.

Well, the price of our hosting is very low and you won't lose much if something bad happens. Also, you can ask for a refund.